Important Questions

Grace International will always do our best to alleviate any concerns and answer any questions you might have during your international adoption journey.

How old are the children available for foreign adoption?

In Colombia, Healthy children are 8years to 16years. Special needs children are 1 year and up.
In Ukraine, Healthy children are 6 years to 16 years. Special needs children are 1 year and up

Are the children healthy?

Yes, healthy children are available for adoption.

Do I need to be an American citizen to adopt with Grace International?

One parent needs to be a U.S. citizen to adopt. If you are living outside of the U.S., Grace International can facilitate your adoption in the country in which you reside.

Are there requirements for the health of the adopting parents?

Yes. A physician's medical form, which is included in your home studt and dossier, lists all the requirements that Grace International will submit to the foreign country. Countries will not consider prospective parents with infectious diseases or psyciatric illnesses.

It is very important to disclose any health issues with Grace International.

How long will the international adoption process take?

Adoptions average less that 1 year after dossier submission.

Does Grace International conduct the home study?

Grace completes home studies for Louisiana residents. If you are not a Louisiana resident we can recommend a home study agency if needed.

Are there age restrictions on the prospective adoptive parent?

Generally the minimum age for adoption is 25 years with a maximum age of 55 years old.

Are there any restrictions on people who are divorced?

Married couples have to be married for more than one year and cannot be divorced more than twice.

Do we have to travel to pick up our child?

Yes, travel is requires for all International countries

Are newborn infants available?

Yes, in Guatemala, the referral may be a newborn but it takes a few months for the adoption process to be completed. Russia and Ukraine have regulations regarding how long a child has to stay on a federal data base. This allows their own citizens time to adopt the child before the child is adopted internationally.

Will we know anything about the child's background?

No, newborns are not available for international adoption.

Is the paperwork very difficult?

No. Although there is a lot of paperwork involved in the international adoption process, it is not difficult.

Grace will giude you through the paparework process

Will my child be a U.S. Citizen?

Yes, this happens as soon as your child is adopted. We do recommend that you re-adopt your child once you are back in the U.S and settled in.