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About Grace


We asked 50 families to send a word or short phrase that describes Grace International Adoption Agency. All 50 families responded in less than a day! We hope you enjoy our dedicated word art. Thank you to every family who participated. We are grateful to every family beyond words….

Our Commitment

  • Our first priority is the children and the families who are adopting them.
  • Grace will guide you through every step of your adoption journey.
  • Grace has a professional team that offers integrity, quality service, high standards, and personal attention.
  • Grace specializes in international adoptions only.
  • Grace has direct relationships and communicates daily with our international teams.
  • Grace’s staff brings 100 plus years collectively of experience in the field of international adoption.
  • Grace is committed to serving families in every US State.
  • Grace is consistently up to date on all current events that will affect your adoption.
  • Our international teams are reputable and committed to your adoption.
  • Medical information and history is always provided to families while in the adopting country.
  • Grace International performs a limited number of adoptions per year, to ensure that each family to receive individual attention.


Theresa Barbier

Founder / Executive Director
Theresa personally guided the first Grace family through every step of their adoption process, and was at the airport when they came home with their child in 2004. Since 2004 she has helped hundreds of families adopt from Russia, Uzbekistan, Guatemala, Colombia and Ukraine. She continues to be involved in every family’s adoption journey. As the mother of four internationally adopted children, she feels it is a blessing and an honor to help unite children with loving parents.  941 400 6016

Serge Zevelver

International Program Director, Ukraine
Serge is the International Program Director for our Ukraine program. He has completed over one thousand adoptions since 1996. Serge has vast knowledge of Ukrainian adoption laws. He consults with Ukrainian officials in crafting adoption related legislation promoting laws and regulations that meet the best interest of children and adoptive parents. He coordinates humanitarian projects in Ukraine for orphaned children in need of surgeries and other medical care. Born in Ukraine, Serge lived in the United States for 26 years. He is now back in Ukraine assisting every family as they complete the International portion of their adoption. 941 400 6016

Mary Marrs, MSW LCSW

Home Study Director
Mary reviews and approves home studies for Hague and Non-Hague countries. She has over 20 years of experience and has completed hundres of home studies for families adopting from different countries. Mary’s high standards and integrity have made her an important part of our agency and a valuable part of our entire adoption community. Mary supervises our team of social workers located throughout the state of Louisiana. With this amazing team, Grace International completes home studies for Hague and Non-Hague countries for adoption agencies in all 50 states.  985 264 8982

Tatiana Yurovich

International Program Faciliator/ Case Manager
Tatiana guides families from the first steps of the adoption process to the last. She has worked with families adopting internationally since 1994. During this time she has helped more than 1000 families bring their children home from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Her experience, work ethic, and knowledge are unparalleled.  260 443 5706

Monika Carter, MSW LCSW

Home Study Coordinator
Monika heads up the Louisiana home study division and Hague compliance division for Grace International. She completes home studies for all Louisiana families wishing to adopt domestically or internationally. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of social work. Her calming personality, attention to detail, and thoroughness help make the home study process less stressful.  985 246 9287

Your 24/7 Adoption Best Friend
The information site is updated daily to provide you the most current and useful information about adoption, all in one place. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have a question that isn’t answered here… please contact us.  We want you  to have the best adoption experience from Step One to bringing your child home.  941 400 6010

Connect With Us

Grace International Adoption Agency

Phone Number  941 400 6016

Mailing Address 70380 Hwy 21, Suite 2 #101, Covington, LA 70433  USA


Theresa holding orphan girl in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Photo made during Ukraine mission trip summer 2015