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Our promise to you…

  • Breeze-11172013-082 2We promise we will know your name.
  • We promise we will care about you and the child you are adopting as if you are our own family members.
  • We promise to be honest with you during the entire process never withholding informational from you.
  • We promise to answer your questions and never make you feel silly for asking them.
  • We promise to support you, encourage you and celebrate with you throughout the entire adoption journey.
  • We promise to give your our best, after all we are adoptive families too and know exactly how you feel.

If your ready to start your adoption journey –

Grace is ready to help you one step at a time…



As adoptive parents ourselves we know exactly how it feels when starting the adoption process. Putting your trust in an adoption agency is a huge leap of faith however, knowing the agency has unsurpassed experience in the International country you are adopting from is a sure thing. Please spend some time here on the Grace Adoption website, we want you to ask questions, we are here to answer them.  We are available 7 days a week 365 days a year by phone, email, text, viber and Skype. We are committed to guide you step by step through your adoption journey.

Now that you are ready to start your adoption journey with Grace International, it’s time to fill out the Full Application and submit it electronically. The application allows Grace International to review your information and determine if you qualify to adopt Internationally. The application is very easy to complete and can be accessed from any device… computer, tablet or phone. Printing is not needed, it is completely electronic.

Every family who adopts will need an approved home study that meets Hague requirements. Simply put, this is a detailed written report about who you are, what life is like in your family and why you want to adopt. Interviews are completed in your home and the report is prepared by a licensed social worker. Every family must choose a licensed home study provider in the state they reside. Please visit our Home Study page to locate a home study provider in your state.

Yes, Uncle Sam has to approve you to adopt! Because you will bring a child from another country into the United States AND if the child is traveling on an IR3 visa she/he will become an American citizen as soon as you step foot on U.S. soil, the Immigration process takes place before the child is adopted. Immigration is started after you have an approved home study with an I-600a non-Hague or I-800a Hague application and supporting documents. Your adoption specialist  will guide you through the process step by step.

The dossier (pronounced “doss-e-A”) is a set of authenticated documents that provide background information about the adoptive parents. Yes, its a lot of documents. Yes, they have to be perfect. This part of your adoption process is document domination! It may feel like the dossier has taken over all of your free time. We promise to guide you through each document. When that stack of perfectly executed documents lovingly named your “Paper Baby” is ready to be bundled and sent to Grace, it will be a proud moment of accomplishment. Photo of Buchan family’s dossier it took 4 weeks to complete!

Every family must travel to their child’s country of birth in order to proceed with the adoption. It is a wonderful opportunity to tour the beautiful country, meet the people, and experience the culture and food that will forever be part of your child’s heritage. This will be an experience of a lifetime that you will forever cherish with your family.  Remember to pack light, 1 checked bag under 50 lbs and 2 carry-on per person, follow the Grace Adoption Travel Tips, take a lot of pictures and enjoy every minute!

Everything you have done up to this point, home study, immigration, your “paper baby”, waiting, packing, traveling and PRAYING has lead up to this exciting moment… It’s time to meet the child who has been chosen and referred to you. This is when you will receive the child’s medical information, social history and most importantly you will meet your child in person.  Over the next several days there will be many visits, hundreds of hugs and kisses along with countless photographs. This time together allows you to bond with each other and say yes to the adoption. “YES” starts the court process.

Every family must attend court in their child’s birth country to finalize the adoption. Court is a one day process that usually lasts for 3 hours.  Remember that “paper baby”… you will see it again in court. The good news is this is the last time you will see it. The judge has read every word in your dossier and will ask you questions:  Why do you want to adopt? Will you love your child the same as a biological child? What will you do if the child develops heath issues?  Will you provide post adoption reports? The judge’s decision is given the day of court but will not take effect for ten days. This is referred to as the ten day waiting period.


This is the last step you will have in your child’s birth country! After the 10 day waiting period, your child can now stay with you during your final days in country. Over the next 3 to 4 days with the help of the Grace team you will pick up the adoption decree, post adoption birth certificate and child passport. For Ukraine families, these documents along with the I-600 and I171h will be brought to the American Embassy.  The American Embassy will review the documents to confirm the Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative and will place a visa in the child’s passport. It is time to go home!

The adoption has been finalized in your child’s birth country. If your child traveled on an IR3 visa (most do) your child became an American citizen as soon as you arrive in America!  We love the USA!  Shortly after you are home you will receive your child’s Certificate of Citizenship, you can then apply for the child’s social security #. Register with the consulate and provide post-adoption reports to the child’s birth country. Please always remember to do these reports, future adoptions depend on your promise to complete them. We enjoyed being a part of every step of your adoption journey. Remember you are always a Forever Grace Family!!

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Thank you to these two local Bradenton, Florida restaurants for providing the photo locations.
And thank you Mary for providing your family photo with, Allie, who was adopted from Russia through Grace.